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Client satisfaction is a top priority at Shelton Veterinary Hospital. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with the high quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from other Shelton pet owners are great ways to know more about Shelton Veterinary Hosptial. If you would like to share your feedback, click on the “write a review” button below!

5 Stars 5 Stars

God Bless You! 01/10/2015

I cannot thank you enough for taking care of my cat, Willie. He had been suffering with this tumor for over 3 months. I had gone to 2 other vets who wanted such an absorbent fee that there was no way I could pay it. People told me to put him down because he was older and it was cheaper. But, William is a healthy boy and to do that because I am broke just killed me inside. Then I called other vets and one referred me to PAWS who, in turn, referred you to me and when I call the end of November they couldn’t schedule me in until the 6th of January.

Meantime, I did whatever I could to ease Willie’s pain and felt so sorry for him. When the date was coming near I was telling William (Willie), “Only two more days and you will start feeling so much better…” then, the 6th came and I did not realize the date because I had a Wednesday planted in my mind all this time, of when the surgery date was. When I realized this I panicked thinking I just cannot bear to watch Will suffer any longer. I immediately called your office an I’m sure the gal on the phone could hear the panic in my voice. She asked me if Willie had been seen before at your clinic and I said , “No, they just made the appt. for the surgery.” So, she asked if I could come in that afternoon and I said, “ Absolutely!”

When I arrived the girls were all so nice and then, I met with you. You looked at his toe and explained to me exactly what was wrong. No other vet had any explanation why this happened, just told me how much money it would cost and that they wanted to run all kinds of tests which ran into the thousands.

When you asked if I could leave Willie there and that you would take care of his toe the next morning I nearly started bawling, in fact, I did a bit all the way home, from happiness that I actually met a veterinarian who was more concerned in the the wellness of the animal and not the almighty dollar.

God bless you Gary, I will always keep you in my prayers

Patty V & Willie


5 Stars 5 Stars

Spotless and very clean offices! by Jennie and Tigger. 05/06/2014

Took my cat in as it was losing weight. Dr. Gary and staff are wonderful and very professional. Plus I was very impressed with how clean the office and waiting rooms appeared. No oder and spotless. My cat is gaining weight again and I will go back to Shelton Veterinary Hospital again in the future. Thanks to everyone there!


5 Stars 5 Stars

Worth the short drive to Shelton!  by Dennis R. – 12/10/2013

I recently moved back to Washington from California and needed a veterinarian for my dog Kip. I was referred to Dr. Gary’s office by a friend who has taken their pets to Shelton Veterinary Hospital for years. My friend was right and I am really glad that I made the drive to Shelton! His staff is incredibly friendly, they handled the new patient paperwork quickly, and the cost was unbeatable! I have known many vets over the years but Dr. Gary is the best of the best! My dog is happier now also!!

Thank you Dr. Gary and staff! Kip and I will be back to see you again!!


5 Stars 5 Stars

Just amazing! by Gary’s waitress – 08/17/2013

I bring my dogs in to Gary for everything and never have they gotten impatient with Gunner for crying during nail clippings, or trying to hide under my chair, they’re always super sweet to him. I’ve had to bring my first pet to Gary when I was 16 to be put down and he was very kind and appreciative of me wanting time with Sparky, and let me hold him while he fell asleep. I’ve never met any vet office that is so kind and thoughtful of their customers (humans and animals) feelings and the prices are amazing. An after hour clinic charged me 130 dollars to bring my dog in and they didn’t do anything for her, it was just for the visit. I brought her to Gary the next day and he charged 10 dollars, to look in her nose and prescribe some medicine drops. Just Amazing!

When my elderly cat was at the end of her life I called Shelton Veterinary Hospital to have her put down so she would not suffer any longer. It was a very difficult decision and I appreciated how caring the Vet and staff were during this painful time. I have taken all of my dogs and cats there over the past 10 years and I have never been unhappy with the care they receive.


5 Stars 5 Stars

One thing I noticed about their office was how absolutely fantastic it smelled. They must clean or sanitize all the time. They are completely committed to helping me as long as it takes to find the best solution. I never have to worry that they’ll back out or give up if a solution isn’t reached immediately, which has been a problem for me at other places. I’ve never had to worry about them being understaffed or not being able to help me right when I need it. They have a huge staff that’s very knowledgeable and qualified. If you are looking for a veterinarian that goes above and beyond, look no further. They offer after-hour services for any emergency and will not hesitate meeting patients at the clinic rather than making them go to an emergency center where they know nobody. It is so reassuring to know that if I need them, they will be there for me. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I’ve ever seen.

July 11, 2013


 5 Stars 5 Stars

Are you going to visit this provider again?
Without a doubt!

Did this animal hospital use current and safe equipment?
Yes; the equipment is very advanced!

Was your pet well taken care while being boarded here?
Yes, my pet always seems well taken care of when boarded here

Does this provider give unbiased advice?
Absolutely! I always get sound, helpful, and completely unbiased advice!

Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider’s office?
No, I didn’t notice an odor


June 05, 2013


4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy?
Absolutely, the customer is always right here
Is this provider’s business conveniently located?
Yes, it is very conveniently located


5 Stars 5 Stars

February 08, 2013

Well worth an hours drive to take my pets to Shelton Veterinary Hospital! Staff is friendly, compassionate and go out of their way to ensure your pet is well cared for. I cannot say enough good things about this business. Oh and not to mention, the prices are amazingly low. I was quoted $473-$800 by a Silverdale vet to do a service that cost me $212 at Shelton Veterinary Hospital!


 5 Stars 5 Stars

March 10, 2013

We (and our 5 cats) love this place. Oh sure, the kitties are sometimes reluctant to get in the carrier to GO, but once we are on our way, they know they’ll be feeling better soon.

J. Cam


 5 Stars 5 Stars

Excellent Vet by Bridget P. 

My dog has had a couple of emergangcies and needed attention right away. I called alot of vets in the lacey\Olympia area, and no one could get him in, I called Shelton Vet and they told me to bring him right in, no problem. He ended up having surgery that night, and the vet allowed me to make payments on the services rendered. You wont find a Vet in Thurston County that will let someone with low minimal income, make a payment plan. Excellent service, wonderful people. And my dog,well he has had surgery there twice, and he was wagging his tail when we walked in the building, so he must have remembered that this place was helping him.


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